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 *pokes you all repeatedly*

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PostSubject: *pokes you all repeatedly*   Tue Apr 24, 2012 9:07 pm

What? I just wanted to say hi to you all... I'm never going to talk to you again so I figured that I might as well. SpiritWonder will be responding to you from now on. I just wanted to mess with her... she will probably kill me later. Byebye! Laughing

Hi, I'm SpiritWonder's friend. My name is Rath, I temporarily stole her account. Please enjoy some random emotes for now:

affraid cheers study afro flower geek jocolor rendeer Arrow Idea Question Exclamation I love you No clown What a Face Embarassed

And... lol!

I had fun messing with her account but I'm going to give it back to her now! ^^
(Ignore her profile picture btw... It's my favorite pairing that she doesn't like and I couldn't resist posting it...)

P.S Be nice to her or I'll get Gram to come kill you!
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*pokes you all repeatedly*
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