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 Ranger Crafting Service

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PostSubject: Ranger Crafting Service   Sat Jan 21, 2012 1:49 pm

Hai hai, Alma here with some wonderful news. My lv40 ranger can make bows, ranger/sin apparel, and swords. The level of the stuff i can make will be broken down, but there is a catch to this service. Crafting is free but you MUST provide the rare materials ex: Sapheal items, and if you are asking for more than 2 orange items I may have to ask that you provide sprite cookies and sodas.

Ruby (main bow sprite)
-Makes everything up to Watchkeeper (watchkeeper is untradable but i can help by making the sprites ancient bow)

Shmore (Armor sprite)
- Makes everything up to Hawkeye Garb and Ambush boots

Enias (Sword sprite)
- Makes one-handed swords up to fortress defender and makes two handed swords up to Blazing Nebula.

Keep in mind though the more advanced the item you want, the longer it might take so please be patient ^-^. If you are not on when i have finished crafting the item i will send it to your mailbox. Oh one more thing, please follow this form when asking for an smithing order :3

Item Name / Rarity -

Items you will provide -

Your character name and forum name -

Name of Friend -

Following the end of your order form, please state that you have agreed to the Terms. If not I won't craft till you agree to meh terms. :3

-Terms and Conditions-
*optional: If you want a friend to hold on to your crafted goods for you put their character name in the "Name of Friend" slot.
**I am not RESPONSIBLE for any item i have made AFTER i either send it via mail or hand it to a person you have named in the form.
*** Keep in mind i am a lv40 Ranger which means i am more efficient at crafting Ranger stuff so sin stuff is iffy for me.
**** MAKE sure you look at the weapon that you want to see if it can be traded
*****If I see that you put the item I made for you in the Auction House, then I will either charge you for the next item you ask for or just not make anymore.

REFER to these sites for Apparel materials

REFER to these sites for Weapon Materials
One Handers:
Two Handers:

I am not a machine so don't think that just because my sprites are happy all the time, means you will get your item crafted just like that. Crafting is all about luck and patience :3.

xAlma ~Ikarus Arrows~

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Ranger Crafting Service
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